Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Frequently asked questions

How does the programme work and what do I get with membership?

In our loyalty programme you earn points as you spend. Based on your number of points, you are ranked at a particular level (basic, bronze, silver, and gold) and receive the fixed benefits you qualify for during your stay. In addition, your points earn you discounts on selected products and services. These discounts are provided for payment in points + surcharge in euros.

How can I register?

You can only register online, at https://royalpalace.therme.sk/vernostny-program/

How do I earn points?

You earn points for spending money with the Spa Medical Group. Points are credited to you as you pay for stays, services and goods with an open account or for direct payment after presenting a loyalty card.

How do I use my points and benefits?

Depending on your level in the loyalty programme, you are entitled to various flat-rate bonuses. You can view a list of specific benefits for your and other loyalty programme levels in your points account overview (link to My Points Account). You need to give advance notification that you will be using those benefits when booking your stay. Your points make you eligible for discounts on selected products and services. You use this discount when you purchase a product or service with a loyalty card.

How do I get my loyalty card?

Your loyalty card will be provided to you on your next stay or personal visit to the operator's client care office. If you want us to mail your loyalty card to your address, please fill in your address after registering for the loyalty programme and contact us.

When do points expire?

Points accumulated in the current calendar year are valid until the end of the following calendar year. (e.g. all points collected in 2018 are valid until the end of 2019)

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