Movement activities

Fit balls

  • Duration of the procedure: 40 minút
  • Price: 13,00 EUR

Group workouts focused on the spine, abs, and hip joints. Helps maintain correct muscle tone and joint mobility. The group of approximately 10 clients is led by a physiotherapist. Groups are formed according to a diagnosis, e.g. a group focusing on a spinal workout, hip joint workout, exercises for the abs...

Healing effect:

  • muscle activation
  • spine relaxation
  • prevention of increased wearing out of the joints

Recommended in case of:

  • mobility diseases of the spine and joints
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • neurological diseases
  • to prevent diseases of the locomotor system
  • to increase dynamic movement
  • to improve overall fitness
  • The procedure lasts: 20 min. /according to medical prescription/

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