citrine bath

  • Duration of the procedure: 20 minút

A carbon dioxide mineral bath in a tub is prepared by adding CO2 to water. Carbon dioxide has a wholesome effect on the whole body. The bath is called after citrine, a precious stone of various yellow hues that brings the sensation of active life energy and purification.

Therapeutic effects:

  • It improves congestion in tissues
  • It washes poisonous substances from body away
  • It relieves migraines, headaches and spine ache

Recommended especially with lifestyle diseases:

  • Chronic circulatory system disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory system sclerosis
  • Conditions after heart muscle and heart valve inflammation
  • Varicose vein surgeries
  • Gynaecological diseases

Duration of procedure: approx. 30 min. (20 min. bath + 10 min. dry wrap on a bed)

Medical prescription needed: no

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