Heat therapy

Gabon – paraffin wrap

  • Duration of the procedure: 20 minút

Paraffine is a type of vax exceptionally rich in mineral substances, namely iron, silicon and magnesium. It has medical and aesthetic effects. A paraffin wrap warmed up to 55°C pleasantly warms your cervical spine, joints or painful lower back. Paraffine is also a precious source of vitamin E that helps fighting against skin ageing process.

Therapeutic effects:

  • It warms body through, relaxes and improves local congestion
  • It relaxes skeletal muscles
  • It relaxes rigid muscles
  • It softens and refines dry and cracked skin

Recommended for:

  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Chronic rheumatic arthritis
  • Diseases of small joints of limbs

Medical prescription needed: no

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